Monday, April 15, 2019

APRIL 2019

Hello Dear Friends,
February and March came and left, we are in mid-April now, time passes so quickly and I am late for everything!There is so much to do and so little time, with hardly enough time for crochet.I only managed to finish a market bag.
The pattern can be found here .
We had a very rainy winter this year; which is very unusual for Cyprus , spring hasn't totally arrived yet but yesterday it was a remainder of spring.
This is us; my sister and our sons enjoying my sister's garden taking a break to shoot a photo.

My sister's wisteria was in full bloom and under attack of some bees.Such a sweet smell!
As it rained plenty this year, our gardens are laden with bloom.

My Little Man is growing resisting everything I say.
He has his own opinion about everything ; I am having some tough time parenting this child! Next year he will have secondary school entry exam and we started preparing for this exam this year; sometimes I really pity him but the competition is really fierce and he has no choice but study.
Meanwhile, he is also swimming ; this year he became a licensed swimmer.
This photo is from a competition he entered with his school team.
In February we went to London to visit his elder brother and believe it or not, I didn't buy even one skein of yarn!
I took my Little Man to the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum but honestly ,as I have come to realize, he was more interested in eating at different restaurants and shopping!

This photo shows my boys enjoying some time together; my elder son had a busy schedule studying law so we were most of the time without him trying to make the most of London.

And lastly, here is a selfie of us on the way to the airport coming home.
I hope you have wonderful days.

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  1. I love the photos of you and your son and well as your two boys together. How fun to be able to spend time with your beautiful family. Wishing you the best.