Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hello Dear Friends,
I hope you are all having a happy holiday season.
Today I have been trying to write a post about mushroom picking that we went yesterday but my post just keeps being deleted including the drafts.Instead I am just going to publish my latest WIP photo.
Have a lovely week!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Lovely Cushion.

I would like to say happy holiday season to you, dear friends, scattered all around the world.
My son's school holidays start today and my daughter is back home from school so we are having some family time together. Thinking that from now on, we will be a family who would come together only on holidays makes me sad but proud all at the same time. ( My step-daughter went abroad to study medicine- I am a step-mom to two lovely children.)
I have little time for crochet but I have a lovely WIP which I cannot wait to show you.

The pattern can be found here.
Such a lovely pattern. It was so much fun to crochet this pillow.

I have finished the two circles now , I just need to sew a pillow to put inside and join the two circles.Nothing much left though it is a difficult job for me because I do not know how to sew...
I still have couple of projects on the go, mostly knitting projects. I am impatient to see them finished but I have no spare time or 'me' time nowadays as  I have started to renovate my shop.
I hope you have a happy holiday season. Gaia.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Circular lovelies...

Hello dear friends,
Last couple of days have been tough for me; I had to be at work all the time coming home exhausted with my Little Man only having time to prepare dinner, eat , play with the Little Man a bit before going to bed and sleep early.
The weather is VERY cold, we got cold and  stayed at home for the last four days.We missed a family wedding and my Little One wakes up every morning to go to the wedding we have already missed; this makes me really sad and I am determined to take him to any wedding happening just to see him happy.

As you can guess, I had no time to crochet but I have something to show you. This will be a new year present for my Little MAn's pediatrician.
This is the type of project that I love ; a throw made of squares! Such a colourful project...
The squares will look like this:
But right now I am engaged in making the lovely circles:

Although this will be a new year's gift, I will not be able to give it to the owner until after the new year so I am really relaxed while working on it. Hopefully it will turn out to be good because the original pattern is for a pillow. I will write about the pattern later.
I hope you all have a lovely week and hope to be back with my new wip soon! Gaia.