Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Another doily

Hello Dear Friends,
I enjoy crocheting doilies; they are fast to make ,you can enjoy the result in no time. This is my latest doily.The pattern is from pinterest.
Have a lovely day!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Running a marathon?

Yesterday( Sunday) , it was the day of Girne (Kyrenia ) marathon. Of course , My Little MAn had to be there, running! When we first got there , it was really very crowded and 21 km race was coming to an end. It was so nice to see his friends from school ; a marathon is definitely better with your friends!
My Little MAn run with his brother, and they ran the 3 km part of the marathon. It was so crowded they have started the marathon by walking.
This marathon was to raise money for kids suffering from leukemia, so lots of people joined the 3 km race but they just walked it.
I do not know who won the first place but my boys are my champions.

After the race, because it was such a beautiful sunny day, we decided to have a coffee in the Kyrenia Harbour.

My eldest son is in Cyprus for Easter holiday; Little Man was so happy to be with him.
On the way back home we stopped by a nursery and got some flowers for the new house.

It was the perfect day.
Have a lovely week,

Friday, March 30, 2018


Hello Dear Friends,
This year in Cyprus we hardly had any winter. Rain was scarce and there was little cold.
At the end of March , the nature is in full bloom.

Last year, my son and I,we, moved to live with my parents. We are still living with them but we moved to a bigger house. Above picture shows the blanket I crocheted for my son's new room.

This is my corner in the living room for crochet time.
My latest work.

A work-in-progress...

My crochet work is not enough for this place ; I need to crochet more pillows because I don't have enough as you can see from the above photo. The house is still not finished but finished enough to be able to live in it. We are furnishing it bit by bit with my mom.We will take settling very slowly.
I hope you are safe and happy wherever you are,

Monday, February 12, 2018


Hello Dear Friends,
Last week we had a week-long term-break.I took two days off and we had a real holiday.
We went mushroom foraging on the week-end.We could not find any edible mushrooms but it was so much fun for the kids.

Towards the week-end we flew to London, to visit my elder son.
We were so lucky to find tickets for the theatre; we went to see Matilda.
My boys having breakfast at the hotel. My Little Man was so excited to be with his brother.

Food was great, museums were great; everything was great.

We did not do any shopping, except for books that is! We lost ourselves in this lovely bookshop on the last day( luckily we were there the last day) .
Such a lovely place; we wanted to buy every book in the shop! Unfortunately we had two cabin sized bags so we couldn't! I had to say goodbye to the lovely copies saying to myself 'don't worry, you can always buy them on amazon!'. I intend to write a post about the books we got later.
We are back to reality now.School started,I really missed my work. That is all from me for the time being( I didn't go to any yarn shop; you are right!).
HAve a  lovely week!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Finally, a little rain!

Hello Dear Friends,
Winter is almost finishing but we had no rain nor cold till today. Today we woke up to the gentle sound of the rain and since then  it is raining steadily.
My son told me to take the photo of the droplets on the jasmine ,while he was waiting for the school bus. I became very happy to realize that My Little Man could appreciate little things in life.
He told me he wished to snuggle up with his blanket on the sofa and enjoy the cold and the rain. Do you recognize the blanket? Put to use before I could write a ta-daa! post.
My other blanket is growing steadily too but  I have to confess; I have lots of arm pain while crocheting so I stop a while then continue.
There are no holidays until April so staying at  home and enjoying some home time is a dream considering our busy school/work schedules.
Have a lovely week!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Hello Dear Friends!
Phew! It has been such a long time I couldn't post anything.Not that I am not crocheting.I have been on a rough patch in life but soon I hope to share with you some good news...
I have lots of WIPs at the moment but I have finished a small blanket.
This is a blanket I have started when I was sooo tired of my WIPs and in need of seeing a finished project in my hands.I worked  stripes of double crochet .I am so happy with this project and it was immediately put to use.
Although I am very unhappy with my WIPS, I cannot stop myself from starting new blankets! Look at this beauty; isn't it lovely?! It seems that ,winter season being very short in Cyprus, I'd like to crochet as many blankets as I can!
Another blanket to be, made of classic bright granny squares. 
I hope you are safe wherever you are!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Hello Dear Friends!
This year we were so lucky, hubby took us to Italy for our summer holidays.We went to Rome and Florence.Sigh! Italy is a beautiful country!

                              My Little Man was very excited at the museums. We first visited The Vatican Museum.              

We went to the Trevi Fountain twice; once at night and once during daytime. Gosh! It was so crowded each time.There was hardly any space around it but My Litlle Man managed to throw his coins and make his wishes;I couldn't.
We walked a lot in The Vatican Museum. My Little MAn got very tired after some time but he never complained.
There were lots of tourists like us and most of them were American tourists. There were always long queues at the enterances of the museums but we booked our tickets online previously so we had no troubles at all.

After three days in Rome , we drove to Florence. The high-ways were very good.We paid around 100 Euros high-way fees going from Rome to Florence to Pisa to Cinque Terre and to Rome again.
In Florence we first went to academia and saw the impressing DAvid.My Little Man was so astonished; he kept asking me 'where is David's clothes?'.
Il Duomo.

Ponte Vecchio.

Florence streets...
Enjoying gelato....

Waiting for our appointment to tour the Uffizi GAllery.
Cinque terre; Monterosso

Uffizzi Gallery; waitiny for the other family members to finish their tour....

Rome,Spanish steps....

At the top of the Pisa tower...