Thursday, January 10, 2019

Baby Blanket

This blanket was crocheted for a baby boy born in October.

This blanket My Little Man holding is the one I crocheted for my sister. Unfortunately I did not have time to photograph the finished blanket. Hopefully,I will have a chance to photograph it in my sister's home while in use.
Those two blankets were the last finishes of 2018. I  have already started another blanket for another baby boy for this year.
 I am into ripples this year, as it seems...
Have a lovely week-end.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Crazy Summer

Hello Dear Friends,
This summer of 2018 has been a crazy one. We had lots of travelling, lots of holidaying, lots of work, painful days as my uncle had a very bad cancer , he spent few months of his last days in an ICU. He died in August while we were on holiday, so I missed his funeral.It was sad, but my mother suffered the most. Losing her brother was tough, it is like she shrinked over-night.I started to think more about death and life but I want to avoid this state of mind and I engage myself in daily activities more fiercely.I feel like I am losing my words so I will leave you with some photos of last summer.
Mediterranean sea
Baltic sea
My Little Man'S birthday party
My Little Man's birthday party at home with his friends
My crochet blanket is growing
School started
Summer holiday-Samsun,Turkey
Summer holiday-ordu,Turkey
Blacksea region-Turkey
Kocatepe Mosque-Ankara
Ayder yaylası
Amasya-City of Şehzades- An Ottoman taking a selfie!
Anatolian Civilizations Museum-Ankara
Anatolian Civilizations Museum-Ankara
Rahmi Koç Museum- Ankara
Rahmi Koç Museum-Ankara
Rahmi Koç Museum-Ankara
HAve a lovely week!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Small doilies

Hello DEar Friends,
Here is what I have been crocheting last week;

HAve a lovely week-end!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Where were we?

Hello Dear Friends,
It has been such a long time; I have been neglecting my blog. Between work and school runs there is little time left and instead of blogging I have been using Instagram.I have become an Instagram fan!
I will amke a summary of the 4 months I have been absent, starting with crochet;
I have found the pattern of a round cushion I have been admiring for the last couple of years and immediately started working on it.This is my progress so far.Such a slow progress , I might add due to the plenty of popcorn stitch the pattern has!
I started crocheting a pancho for a friend of mine but I have to admit I am not able to put my heart into it hence a very slow progress. I am mainly crocheting in the car while waiting for my son to finish his private lessons.
I have been trying new motifs with new yarn.
Filling my basket with nmore squares for my blanket.I will run out of yarn for this one but I am trying not to think about it now,I will think of a solution later.

I have been working on another new project; I do not know how I will arrange it yet but doesn't it look gorgeous?
I am working with thinner thread and takes ages to work a couple of rows but it is worth it!
I still continue making doilies when I asm bored from working on the same project.
In the meanwhile,
I did a lot of gardening,
Lots of travelling and holidaying...

Nida, Lithuania.
And there was lots of baking too!
HAve a lovely week!