Friday, June 5, 2015

I have been robbed!

Hello Dear Friends!
I would like to thank you for your best wishes for my illness. I am well; my test results came ok. I have been very happy for my health then I have started realizing some of my blankets missing.  After long discussions with my mom and sister; we have realized that we have been robbed by the lady who was supposed to help my mom take care of my sister's baby and who had work for us for almost two years.  At  first, we did not realize anything, then we started realizing small items missing; like flower seeds or seedlings or tomatoes gone missing which we had picked earlier from our garden.(such naives we were!) When my mom's neighbour warned us, we started paying attention and we became aware of the small thefts.We did not go to the police(what a mistake!) then but we ended our contract with her.But by that time, she had come to my house three times to help with the cleaning because my cleaning lady went to her home country for three weeks.I work a lot, I come home mostly to sleep so it took me almost six months to realize what went missing;unfortunately there are four crochet blankets missing -two crocheted by me.One is this blanket and the other is this . Both blankets were very much loved and used by My Little Man. So today, I am  grieving the loss of my blankets.I know they are not humans and it is not a precious thing like life that is lost but they were crocheted with so much love and care, I can't help but feel sad.
I hope to be back with happier news next time.  Until then, take care....