Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello Dear Friends!
 Wow! Time flies... It has been twenty days since I last posted and it seems only just like yesterday. I didn't do much while I was not blogging.I was, for sure , following my favourite blogs and I was crocheting a little working on my soon to be born nephew's blanket.
I have made thirty squares and joined them only to realise that it is too small to be even a baby blanket. Then I started to crochet twelve more squares and I am working on those squares at the moment.
I remembered one more thing ! I finished a baby top-down baby cardigan too.

I knitted this cardigan just to learn how to knit a top-down cardigan and it was too small for an actual baby but my best friend's eleven year old daughter welcomed it for her doll.
I'll go back to crocheting now. Have a lovely week-end. Gaia.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby colour palette

Hello Dear Friends!
At last,I have found what I will crochet with my new yarn: A blanket for my sister's baby. My sister is due September but I have a feeling that the baby will come early. And it's a boy!

The pattern is Priscilla Hewitt's ( I love her patterns! ) octagon medallion pillow-ghan square.

I showed my sister the squares I have made so far and her eyes sparkled! It is so enjoyable to crochet this pattern but it takes a little bit longer time than crocheting a regular granny square.
I cannot wait to see this baby blanket finished!
Have a lovely day! GAia.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hello Dear Friends!
It has been long time since I have last posted but the weather in Cyprus is so hot ( reaching above 40 degrees C ) that it is almost impossible to crochet. Yesterday though, we had a shower for almost half an hour and the temperatures fell to around 25 degrees C; how nice it is to live in such a climate!
After searching and searching for a suitable pattern for a summer crochet project, I came across with this pattern. I have tried it with sifferent types of yarn and I finally reach a satisfying result with a microfibre yarn and 2,5 mm hook. So here it is;

Have a nice day! Gaia.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hello Dear Friends!
This is my plum tree. When I look at it , it reminds me of the word ''plenty''.

Have a nice day!