Monday, November 28, 2016


 Dear Friends,
Today, just after I have arrived at work, news  of a traffic accident reached us. We knew something was terribly wrong because, as my pharmacy is just near the hospital, we heard at least 5 ambulances arriving at the hospital.Then my sister, who works at the police,called and informed us of a truck hitting a school bus and 3 students dead,3in the ICU. You cannot imagine my fear then.I called the school of my son and the bus sister and they all told me they reached safely.Then I started to cry for the mothers  who have just lost their children.I am still crying for those young lives lost.Cyprus is a small country and it is impossible  not to feel what your neighbour feels.
I will write more about my country later but now I will continue mourning... Please send us your prayers too, no matter what your religion is....

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Beautiful squares and hexagons as works in progress...

Dear Friends,
Look at those beauties! Aren't they lovely?
And let me tell you; they are quite addictive! The pattern ;
I do not have the source of this image so if anyone knows please let me know.

And beautiful squares....For those beautiful squares ; the pattern is here .
And last but not least,
I know I am repeating myself but aren't those lovely?
Those beautiful squares are hard to crochet; all those popcorns take time. I can only manage a square a night but it is totally worth the effort.I am working with mercerized cotton and 3mm hook to crochet all of these lovelies. The yarn brand is Alize Bahar.For the pattern please click here .
Happy crocheting !

Monday, November 7, 2016

A day by the sea...

Hello Dear Friends!
After a long period of hard work, I decided it was time for a day out and we went to the beach!
It was such a beautiful day! The beach was so crowded and there were people swimming! Imagine swimming in October!
It was my son who enjoyed it the most. He went running up and down the beach...
Collecting stones....
He enjoyed the swings at the beach...
Then we went to an amusement park...
On the crochet front;
I am remaking crochet hexagons;
so far 112 hexagons; approximately 300 to go...
Have a lovely week!