Thursday, January 10, 2019

Baby Blanket

This blanket was crocheted for a baby boy born in October.

This blanket My Little Man holding is the one I crocheted for my sister. Unfortunately I did not have time to photograph the finished blanket. Hopefully,I will have a chance to photograph it in my sister's home while in use.
Those two blankets were the last finishes of 2018. I  have already started another blanket for another baby boy for this year.
 I am into ripples this year, as it seems...
Have a lovely week-end.


  1. Merhaba, battaniyelerde ki renk seçimlerinize bayıldım, hepsi çok gzüel olmuş, ellerinize sağlık.. :)

  2. The blankets are beautiful. Well done!

  3. oh my..dipping my toe back into blogging and I come across your gorgeous blankets..stunning!