Sunday, October 14, 2018

Crazy Summer

Hello Dear Friends,
This summer of 2018 has been a crazy one. We had lots of travelling, lots of holidaying, lots of work, painful days as my uncle had a very bad cancer , he spent few months of his last days in an ICU. He died in August while we were on holiday, so I missed his funeral.It was sad, but my mother suffered the most. Losing her brother was tough, it is like she shrinked over-night.I started to think more about death and life but I want to avoid this state of mind and I engage myself in daily activities more fiercely.I feel like I am losing my words so I will leave you with some photos of last summer.
Mediterranean sea
Baltic sea
My Little Man'S birthday party
My Little Man's birthday party at home with his friends
My crochet blanket is growing
School started
Summer holiday-Samsun,Turkey
Summer holiday-ordu,Turkey
Blacksea region-Turkey
Kocatepe Mosque-Ankara
Ayder yaylası
Amasya-City of Şehzades- An Ottoman taking a selfie!
Anatolian Civilizations Museum-Ankara
Anatolian Civilizations Museum-Ankara
Rahmi Koç Museum- Ankara
Rahmi Koç Museum-Ankara
Rahmi Koç Museum-Ankara
HAve a lovely week!

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  1. What a wonderful summer filled with so many wonderful places and events. So sorry about your Uncle.