Friday, March 30, 2018


Hello Dear Friends,
This year in Cyprus we hardly had any winter. Rain was scarce and there was little cold.
At the end of March , the nature is in full bloom.

Last year, my son and I,we, moved to live with my parents. We are still living with them but we moved to a bigger house. Above picture shows the blanket I crocheted for my son's new room.

This is my corner in the living room for crochet time.
My latest work.

A work-in-progress...

My crochet work is not enough for this place ; I need to crochet more pillows because I don't have enough as you can see from the above photo. The house is still not finished but finished enough to be able to live in it. We are furnishing it bit by bit with my mom.We will take settling very slowly.
I hope you are safe and happy wherever you are,

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