Monday, February 12, 2018


Hello Dear Friends,
Last week we had a week-long term-break.I took two days off and we had a real holiday.
We went mushroom foraging on the week-end.We could not find any edible mushrooms but it was so much fun for the kids.

Towards the week-end we flew to London, to visit my elder son.
We were so lucky to find tickets for the theatre; we went to see Matilda.
My boys having breakfast at the hotel. My Little Man was so excited to be with his brother.

Food was great, museums were great; everything was great.

We did not do any shopping, except for books that is! We lost ourselves in this lovely bookshop on the last day( luckily we were there the last day) .
Such a lovely place; we wanted to buy every book in the shop! Unfortunately we had two cabin sized bags so we couldn't! I had to say goodbye to the lovely copies saying to myself 'don't worry, you can always buy them on amazon!'. I intend to write a post about the books we got later.
We are back to reality now.School started,I really missed my work. That is all from me for the time being( I didn't go to any yarn shop; you are right!).
HAve a  lovely week!

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