Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Finally, a little rain!

Hello Dear Friends,
Winter is almost finishing but we had no rain nor cold till today. Today we woke up to the gentle sound of the rain and since then  it is raining steadily.
My son told me to take the photo of the droplets on the jasmine ,while he was waiting for the school bus. I became very happy to realize that My Little Man could appreciate little things in life.
He told me he wished to snuggle up with his blanket on the sofa and enjoy the cold and the rain. Do you recognize the blanket? Put to use before I could write a ta-daa! post.
My other blanket is growing steadily too but  I have to confess; I have lots of arm pain while crocheting so I stop a while then continue.
There are no holidays until April so staying at  home and enjoying some home time is a dream considering our busy school/work schedules.
Have a lovely week!

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