Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Hello Dear Friends!
Phew! It has been such a long time I couldn't post anything.Not that I am not crocheting.I have been on a rough patch in life but soon I hope to share with you some good news...
I have lots of WIPs at the moment but I have finished a small blanket.
This is a blanket I have started when I was sooo tired of my WIPs and in need of seeing a finished project in my hands.I worked  stripes of double crochet .I am so happy with this project and it was immediately put to use.
Although I am very unhappy with my WIPS, I cannot stop myself from starting new blankets! Look at this beauty; isn't it lovely?! It seems that ,winter season being very short in Cyprus, I'd like to crochet as many blankets as I can!
Another blanket to be, made of classic bright granny squares. 
I hope you are safe wherever you are!


  1. Sorry about the rough patch, they do seem to happen much more often than we would like. Crochet helps I think. I love all of your projects. Take good care of yourself.