Monday, April 9, 2018

Running a marathon?

Yesterday( Sunday) , it was the day of Girne (Kyrenia ) marathon. Of course , My Little MAn had to be there, running! When we first got there , it was really very crowded and 21 km race was coming to an end. It was so nice to see his friends from school ; a marathon is definitely better with your friends!
My Little MAn run with his brother, and they ran the 3 km part of the marathon. It was so crowded they have started the marathon by walking.
This marathon was to raise money for kids suffering from leukemia, so lots of people joined the 3 km race but they just walked it.
I do not know who won the first place but my boys are my champions.

After the race, because it was such a beautiful sunny day, we decided to have a coffee in the Kyrenia Harbour.

My eldest son is in Cyprus for Easter holiday; Little Man was so happy to be with him.
On the way back home we stopped by a nursery and got some flowers for the new house.

It was the perfect day.
Have a lovely week,