Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hello Dear Friends!
I have been crocheting like almost 5 years now and while browsing through the net , I became familiar with the concept of CAL ( crochet along ) . I have never wished to join any CALs though because I think I cannot be committed or worse if I commit, I would get stressed and lose it totally. ( I have a 'thing' with dead-lines; whenever I have a dead-line I am always behind...)
When I saw this CAL , I have started to hear music . 

So far, I could try only one pattern.

My Little One (5) is becoming more and more demanding and whatever free time  I have ( or rather I create time ) , it is just reserved for his activities.

Only last week, he had an accident in school and was taken by an ambulance to the emergency  ending up with four stitches in the head. I didn't get a proper sleep for a week till the stitches are removed after eight days.

He missed the Halloween Party at school so we made a party for him at home.
So the question still remains; to join or not to join? 
Have a lovely day. Gaia.


  1. Bless his heart and yours too of course with all those stitches in his head. Little people do have a way of ruining some good crafting time, but they are worth it.

  2. Your squares are beautiful! I am sure that whatever you do it will be lovely. I hope that your son is all well again and back to normal. xx