Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hello Dear Friends!
I have been absent for a long time but honestly, there was nothing to tell you about , no crochet, no cooking, but just work and mothering.
Luckily for me, my car broke down on Thursday. I called the road assist, of course , and while I was waiting for the assistance to arrive,I was struck by the idea that I had nothing to do if I couldn't go to work that day. Then I realized that my car's breaking down could provide me with the much needed excuse to take a day off from work and concentrate on what I like to do instead and may be get some rest.

I found a wip ripple blanket-  I forgot when I started this project ; should be at least two years ago- and started working on it.
It felt so good but my car was fixed and ready to go two hours later and I left  for work . 
This felt so good that I decided to take Saturday off and  called a neighbour and invited her for morning coffee on Saturday ; something I have been postponing for a long time.
So I baked some chocolate muffins and

we enjoyed a couple of hours chatting over coffee... 

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  1. Good for you taking a bit of time for yourself, sorry about the car though that is frustrating.