Sunday, September 29, 2013

WIP; the hexagon blanket

Hello Dear Friends!
I hope you all had a lovely week-end. As you might have guessed, I have started sewing my hexagons together.

It turned out better than I expected; it is gorgeous! I showed it to my neighbours already and they are stunned; even my mother liked it and she said I should have an exhibition with my blankets. I was so happy with this remark . Who knows? Maybe someday I will have a stand in one of those village festivals ...

As I was sewing them together, I realized that my sewing has improved and I am doing a much neater job.
Of course,I could have finished this by this week-end but got busy with other projects as well; I have started a shawl and did this:

I do not know what to call this; a doily? a hexagon? But it sure proved to be very useful. I use it as a water glass cover :)

Have a lovely week! Gaia.


  1. The blanket is beautiful but the hexagon is great!
    I love it! I am looking to see the finished shawl!
    Congrats, Gaia! A great worrk!

  2. The hexagon blanket is looking fantastic, you are doing a great job.