Monday, September 23, 2013

Slow Sunday

Hello Dear Friends!
After such a long and stressful summer , it is so nice to be back to routine. Hubby being away for work and elder son staying at his grand-parents had left me with too much relaxed time. Time to spend with my Little Man and time  to crochet.Luckily, the heat waves have left us and we are enjoying some cool weather too!

This photo was shot by my Little Man yesterday...We had lunch at a restaurant by the sea and although it was rather cloudy, people were enjoying long swims as we ate.

Later we went to a nursery and enjoyed some green scenery and my Little Man enjoyed looking at the fish.

Above picture shows my mother,my dad and my Little Man.

Sunday was a day of resting but Saturday was a day of crocheting. I crocheted like mad. After work I went to visit my neighbour and while the children played I chatted and crocheted crazy. I went home, as I had dinner ready, I continued crocheting .

I could only do the centres of my last 45 hexagons. If my hubby doesn't come ( China trips last at least two weeks) I will be able to finish my hexagons and will be ready to join by the end of next week-end. I have already started a crochet curtain project and a babette blanket project so I am desperate to finish the hexagons. And I am planning a shawl for myself. This winter will be a busy one and I am so glad that the weather cooled down making it just perfect for crochet!

Have a lovely week! Gaia.

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  1. It is so nice to get a break from your normal routine isn't it? Love your Little Man and the sweet pictures of him with his Grandparents. Good luck on the hexi's.