Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Crochet Club

Hello Dear Friends!
Yesterday, with my two neighbours, we went to visit a friend of one of my neighbours. While we sat and drank coffee and chatted, we realized that we are all crocheters. As a matter of fact, we all had a crochet w.i.p bag with us and that was when all the crochet work came into sunlight.
I have to apologize for the quality of the photo; but among all those beautiful,gorgeous crochet work, I could only remember to take photos at the last minute. Above photo shows not only the grown-ups but the toddlers can have a taste of crochet too! :)

This photo shows Miss E. and our hostess Mrs. M crocheting. Please note that the cover on the couch is a vintage crochet blanket too! The squares above are Mrs.M's original patterns. Unfortunately she does not have written pattern of any of them so we decided we will gather soon so she crochets her squares and we write the patterns down. And this concludes our crochet club.
This week was about work, little bit of crochet and little bit of gardening.
My gardenia is in bloom ;such a sweet scent!

Have a lovely day! Gaia.

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