Friday, March 2, 2012

It's snowing in Cyprus!

And Yes! it snowed yesterday afternoon in Nicosia, Cyprus. I remember snow in 1982 or 1983 and in 1992. Once in a decade!
I tried to photograph the snow; but this is the best I could do.....

Yesterday,I took the  afternoon off from work, came home with magazines and yarn. I was planning to read a bit and then crochet a bit. This was how my cozy corner looked like:
I read all my favourite decoration and cooking magazines. Oh,my! I love spring issues! They are soooo full. It took me long time to read and digest what I read.

I just can't wait to bake the bread on the cover of this magazine. Looks so yummy!

And this is the place I hope to spend my summer holidays this year.

But the most enjoyable part is yet to come. Last week-end, as the weather was so good, I went to the town centre, to the old shopping place of Nicosia ,which is called Arasta. I was actually fishing for certain kind of yarn, instead I ended up with this yarn:

The moment I saw the yarn, immediately I fell in love with the bright colours. Unfortunately only few colours were left from the stock and I very much regret that I didn't get the pink and the purple. photokar27

It is %100 wool and the owner of the shop told us that the stock is VERY old and actually the factory which manufactured these yarns were long closed down. I felt like I was in a gold mine!!!!!!

After stroking and loving the lovely yarn,I have tried few granny squares with my new yarn .Above is one of the squares I did. I will try few more squares to find the perfect square to fit my lovely yarn and I will start my new project after I get the pink and the purple !

I hope you are all having a lovely day. Gaia.

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