Monday, February 27, 2012

TA-DAH *2! Circles and Stripes Blanket

Hello Dear Friends!
It has been long time since my last post.I have been fighting illnesses and our daily routine was very much interrupted. Although I have stayed at home for almost one and a half week, I couldn't touch my crochet hook at all.
Now, we are back to our routine and I am back with two finished blankets!
First; my blanket:
I am calling this blanket '' Circles and Stripes Blanket''.
The first photo shows the back of it.I did a pretty 'clean job'.
It was so much fun to crochet this blanket. I used 50% cotton yarn. Unfortunately, the yarn is discontinued. But I still have enough for two more baby blankets!
Last week-end was sunny and hot, so I took my Little Man to a nursery in Girne, beautiful city by the sea. The nursery had a playground so  the Little One enjoyed himself too!

It was soooo nice to wander around some greens after staying home for so long . I did a little shopping and we were able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the coffee shop which happens to be inside the nursery! Such a lovely place for mummies to visit with their toddlers and kids.
I ended up coming home with two boxes of plants; I shopped cleverly this time only buying plants resistant to heat as Nicosia is far more hotter than Girne.

Now is the time for the second ta-dah!. This is the blanket my neighbour made . Such a lovely blanket it turned out to be. It is the same pattern, the same yarn but different colour combinations.

And here is a closer look:
I hope you all have a lovely week. Gaia.

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  1. So glad to hear that you're on the mend.
    What stunning blankets! Love the colours of both of them.
    I think the first one is my favourite- I love the circles and stripes- very clever!