Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crochet Books and The New Blanket-Part1

Hello Dear Friends,
For as long as I know myself, I am in love with books.As a child, I didn't have much choice and I was a member to the local library.The books there were not in a very good shape and I remember getting sad because the cover of a book was torn or I was unable to see the original cover because the book was binded. And the irony is that my grand-father used to work in the library long before I could read binding books....Anyway, when I was in grade 3 we had to go to England and stay there for about a year where I attended school . I loved my school-I do not remember the name now,will have to ask mom- and my teachers; Mrs. Gardener was the headmaster, Mrs. Bevis-who worked with me so much that I was able to learn English by the end of the year and to whom I owe my love for the language of English-and Miss Bird -I think she was our reading teacher-who used to take us to the local library walking and we used to read books together in a different classroom.
And the library; Oh my! So many colourful, lovely lovely books!
Those are distant memories now, but what I still have with me is the love of books. And as you know, I am a crochet addict. And now I have become a crochet books lover. I love the blog land too because it gave me an opportunity to improve my crochet techniques, I learned a lot such as there is something called 'colourful crochet'!. I was inspired by many bloggers like attic24, bunny mummy,Le monde de Sucrette and many many more...
For the last couple of days, I was waiting for mail. And I was amazed; books I have ordered from was here just in a week! You cannot imagine my excitement when I saw the mail. I rushed open the box and there they were; my two lovely crochet books!
The first book is Crochet to Go! by Ellen Gormley ISBN-13: 978-1446300572 . The moment I held this book, I fell in love with it. Such lovely designs , such delicate motifs!
What I liked even more is that every motif has a graphic pattern too! Such a good buy!
I was eager to try all the motifs in the book but I managed only one till now. I intend to make a baby blanket for my sisters baby- yay! she is pregnant!- after I finish with my Little Man's blanket.
The second book is Cute & Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench. Such an eye candy! I was drooling over the designs...
Of course, I have to make one from this:

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