Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year New Crochet Projects

I hope you are having a lovely day.I am a bit shaken today because my Little Man fell from the bed and hit his head.We spent the morning in the ER of the hospital.Luckily he is well, no stitches were required....

Before all these happened, I was planning to write about my new projects.
First project: After a year or two, making baby blankets, I thought I should start to take bigger challenges like making a blanket for my bed. So, I immediately started this project of hexagons.
I like neutral colours for house decoration and I chose beige and brown as the main colours. So far I have made 38 hexagons but I have lost my enthusiasm already because I have discovered these gorgeous colours of the same yarn:
The yarn for this blanket project is a Turkish yarn called ''BRAVO'' .It is a bamboo and acrylic mix. I tried it foe knitting as well but I think it is perfect for crochet projects.
After I have started this project, I have discovered these yummy colours of the same yarn:
I have started a popcorn square blanket for my Little Man.This time a single-bed size is what I aim it to be...
Third project: I did not have an opportunity to photograph this one yet.But you can be sure that it is a colourful project too!
Have a lovely day.Gaia.

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