Friday, October 28, 2011


I hope you are all having a lovely week.
I had a tough week because my Little Man was ill with fever and he had to stay at home.  I had to juggle a schedule to take care of him and go to work and deal with work problems ( and there are loads of them which need to be addressed still.)
When we were at home , we watched a lot of The Car toons and Mater's tall tales  and played with the cars.
And while he was busy playing with his cars ,I did a little knitting.I am not a fan of knitting,I only knit because it is something different to do when I get bored of my crochet projects.But this project turned out to be soooo nice , I really enjoyed knitting. The pattern can be found here.
Unfortunately,the size is too small for my 27 months old son, so if there is anybody who has this pattern adapted for a two-year-old, please,please , let me know.
I hope to be with you with a ta-dah! post soon. Until then, good-bye...

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