Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today, I am knitting a baby blanket. Actually, I am hoping it to be a baby blanket because I haven't figured out how I will do the edges yet.
The pattern is called 'The Old Shale' ; after I figured out the pattern ,it is such a pleasure to knit that I do not want to leave my knitting at all!
And I decided that I like ripples A LOT!
I cannot wait to see how this blanket will turn out to be ( hopefully a very nice one ) because I LOVE the colour choice which happened accidentally. ( I am even considering turning it into a  blankie for my bed  ; would it be too much work?!)
I am off to buy more yarn for it now. Hope to be able to show you more of my new favourite soon ....


  1. Just found your blog through Annaboo's, love your crochet, but this knitted blanket is soooo beautiful, wish i could knit more than just plain & purl :D. Will keep up with your blog through my old blog, 4 lil girls as its on blogger!!!
    Karen x

  2. so nice! i like how the ripples are quite soft not hard curves. I am off to google 'the old shale'