Saturday, August 4, 2018

Where were we?

Hello Dear Friends,
It has been such a long time; I have been neglecting my blog. Between work and school runs there is little time left and instead of blogging I have been using Instagram.I have become an Instagram fan!
I will amke a summary of the 4 months I have been absent, starting with crochet;
I have found the pattern of a round cushion I have been admiring for the last couple of years and immediately started working on it.This is my progress so far.Such a slow progress , I might add due to the plenty of popcorn stitch the pattern has!
I started crocheting a pancho for a friend of mine but I have to admit I am not able to put my heart into it hence a very slow progress. I am mainly crocheting in the car while waiting for my son to finish his private lessons.
I have been trying new motifs with new yarn.
Filling my basket with nmore squares for my blanket.I will run out of yarn for this one but I am trying not to think about it now,I will think of a solution later.

I have been working on another new project; I do not know how I will arrange it yet but doesn't it look gorgeous?
I am working with thinner thread and takes ages to work a couple of rows but it is worth it!
I still continue making doilies when I asm bored from working on the same project.
In the meanwhile,
I did a lot of gardening,
Lots of travelling and holidaying...

Nida, Lithuania.
And there was lots of baking too!
HAve a lovely week!

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  1. IT sounds like a wonderful four months. Love your projects.