Monday, April 11, 2016

what I have been up to

Hello Dear Friends!
Wow!Time really flies. It has been months since I've last been here.
First, I'd like to show you my current crochet project.I wished to work on a vintage pattern and voila!What's better than a circular doily pattern? And as Cyprus is a really really hot island, I decided to work with mercerized cotton.
While I was away, we had term-break and My Little Man enjoyed waking up late....
I attended his school parties( he is wearing his 'agent under cover' costume),
Been to several birthday parties,
Enjoyed the beautiful weather out,
Been to the aquarium in İstanbul,
Enjoyed a walk in Taksim Square,
Been to Lego-Land,
Enjoyed some time at home,
and while doing so, I am working full-time(11 hours a day) and studying(Which explains my absence here.)
I love blogland and I love my blogland friends.I hope you are all well.Have a lovely day! Gaia.

1 comment:

  1. You have been very busy. I enjoyed catching up with you. We will all be here when you can visit.