Sunday, March 29, 2015

busy days...

Hello Dear Friends!
My Little Man has been so busy lately that there has been no time to crochet.

He was pretty tired from all the extra work but it was worth it!
A back-stage photo with his favourite instructor in his folk dancing group.
When I tell people that we cannot meet and have coffee or a chat because My Little Man has a very busy after-school programme, they think I am joking at first. Then, they realize I am not joking. I am keeping him busy in a healthy way; the alternative is staying at his grand-mother's watching T.V. 
I have to confess that this busy programme is consuming me.I drive him and wait till he finishes if the distance is long.I have started a Masters degree programme myself as well; so I will have to be studying a lot this coming couple of years. Please do not forget that I have a full time job too. So I am now feeling a bit depressed, proud, determined, tired etc... I guess I will not be around too much in near future. But I still have to show you my finished solid granny square blanket.Till then, good-bye!

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