Sunday, August 18, 2013

hexagon blanket progress

Hello Dear Friends!

My hexagon blanket is growing rather slowly. At the beginning of my holidays, I thought I could finish it by the time my holiday ended but though I started work last Friday, it is far from finished!
Today, I laid all my hexagons on the carpet only to realize that I am not even half-way through. 46 hexagons I have,I will approximately need twice that number to finish off. I am not disappointed. I enjoy working on this project very much. It is just that each day it is getting harder and harder to find time to crochet.

Hope to be back with more progress soon. Have a lovely week!Gaia.


  1. It is looking absolutely gorgeous, the colors look beautiful together.

    Well done my friend, you will finish soon, just keep at it when you can.

  2. This is a beautiful quilt!! I one day want to make a .... but I've never made a hexagon ... I have to try!! Congrats! I wish you and your family are all well! Many hugs and kisses! Someday I'd like to visit your beautiful country! I see in television the "My Cypriot Kitchen" and I love everything!! Beautiful!

  3. Dear Cristina,
    Thank you. Cyprus is a lovely country and you are most welcome.If you do visit, please e-mail me before so I can make arrangements :) Hugs,