Sunday, June 16, 2013


I cannot sleep!It is almost 1 am, and I cannot sleep!  It is so hot and we are under midge and mosquito attack.( Besides I had a cup of  Turkish coffee in the afternoon.)

It is the end of school year; summer holiday officially started. My Little One got his report last Friday. Unfortunately , there is no holiday for us. His summer school starts tomorrow...

I am more relaxed at work mostly because summer season is the slow season for pharmacies in Cyprus due to the fact that the state supplies all the medication for free and there is no colds and flu's in summer...

We are having a very weird summer this year ; it is hot but not  40 degrees C yet. So we are spending lots of time in the pool on the week-ends. When it is pool time, hubby takes charge of the Little One and I have maximum two hours to crochet... Heaven!

I have one problem,though... I cannot concentrate on one project! I start one project then I get bored and start another-almost every week- then, I buy some new skeins and can't wait to try the new yarn , so here comes another wip...

Here is my latest wip: ( I shot the photos with iPhone by the pool in the afternoon so please don't expect much from the photos; this is just to give an idea)

The insect repellents and the incense started working better now so I am off to bed to get some sleep. I hope you have a great day ! Gaia....

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  1. I went for a walk this morning and got attacked by mosquitoes, they are dreadful aren't they? I love your new yarn colors, hang in there.