Monday, June 18, 2012

The longest week-end

Hello Dear Friends!
This was the longest week-end I have ever had! First I flew to Istanbul for work.This photo shows Pendik Marina:
After I was done ,I had plenty of time left till my flight and went to a place called 'buyaka' in Ümraniye region.I felt bad when I saw this:
and this;
I wished my Little Man was there with me to enjoy them all. But he was not that unlucky. When I returned back I found out that my husband booked us a surprise week-end ; a day in the village. So the moment I was home, I packed and left for the village called Tochni.
 Tochni is a traditional Cypriot village renovated.
I loved the experience because it reminded me of the summer holidays I spent with my grandma in the village in my childhood.

We stayed in this beautiful building. Our flat was the one on the ground flour on the left ; a two bedroom flat.
The kids were so happy with the pool and they had great time.

As for crochet;
I think using mercerized cotton for this project was not a good choice and I do not like how this project turned out to be so  I will undo it and add it to the list of failed projects.
That is all from me now. Have a wonderful week. Gaia.

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