Saturday, November 26, 2011


I hope you are all having a lovely week-end.
Yesterday I photographed some of my WIPs.
This is a project I have just started yesterday.It will be a bolero. I am hoping to wear it for my cousin's wedding party on 10 December. I will post the details about this project later.

This is my bobble blanket; I am very close to finishing but I have decided it turned out to be a bit narrow compared to my ripple blanket so I am adding a bobble border.

Oh, how I love those lovely stripes of bobble!
Lastly,my couch throw ;
and I have forgotten one more thing;
Yes, I am knitting a toddler cardigan for my Little Man. I need to finish this very soon , otherwise he will be too big to wear it!
Have a lovely week-end!

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