Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today is a special day. Today is pillow Ta-dah ! day....This is my Number 1 pillow which I have finished long ago but finally could be turned into a pillow ( I have no sewing skills so I have them sewn at the shop I buy my yarn from )
Pillow Number 2 is a birthday gift for my assistant at the shop. The pattern is from Sarah London.

Pillow Number3 is for my youngest son.The Sunburst Granny Square Pillow. He has already started enjoying it: A fact that makes me a very happy mom.

At his sleep time watching Lion King....

I have two more pillow projects in progress;
Taking this photo was the best part of making those pillows:
And scenes from my garden:
This is a flower which takes me back to my childhood. My mom had 2-3 pots of those and in the hot summer afternoons I remember picking them and smelling the lovely frangrance. When I saw the bulbs at a supermarket  I knew I had to have them and this is the result after 2 years work.
I hope you all have a lovely day....

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